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I get it but maybe just a bad idea

It was kinda funny and I understand the point of view but I think if you were more knowledgeable about Catholicism you could have made a much more powerful statement. Although I am catholic I'll be the first to tell you that the religious basis itself is flawed but that's not to say that all Christians do everything with a malice intent. I see most of the post on here exclaiming tolerance along with others in similar reference but, are you really tolerant of Christians? i mean really a lot of us are victims of our own judgment. Hypocrisy is everywhere and everybody is blinded by it. how many videos are there of Jewish and Muslim based religions? not many and they are all on the same tree of religion just with different branches. I do not agree with most things in catholic church teachings and what a surprise... you're allowed to do that. i am not going to be excommunicated from the church because i believe being gay is not a sin. with that said, this video was a bad idea to me because you will offend a lot of people. everyone who isn't offend is going to say lighten up but that fact of the matter is the your attacking someone's life and beliefs and saying they're a bad thing. these people aren't criminals... they are people with different views that you don't share and its unfair to question them. same goes for the Christians offended. this is not the land of God... it is the land of the FREE. a place where you can believe what ever you want. if being gay is a sin then they don't get married in church but they can still get married in court by a judge which is separate from religious bias. this will always and forever be a subject of issue until people start approaching both sides with compassion and open mindedness. now i've tried my best to be as nutral as i can but i am sorry if in some way i offended anyone.

religion aside i thought your animation was good. the jokes were a bit too short lived but were funny at times. maybe a little better delivery with some of the characters. other than that it was decent. 6/10

Slackman responds:

I'd like to think I'm tolerant of people who are tolerant of me. This cartoon was not intended to summarize an entire group of people, but rather the highly-conservative, hateful, sub-catagory within Christians who seem to have problems with anyone whose views deviate from theirs.

I'd like it to be noted that the first segment of this cartoon was about Jews.

I do not consider it unfair to question someone else's belief system any more than I consider it unfair to question my own. Open mindedness is in my own personal opinion a good quality. I believe that if somebody wants to have their own belief system, that's fine by me, just as long as they don't start willfully imposing it on others. My beef is with people who assume that they are right, and are more than willing to tell me that I'm going to hell for not following them.

If we could all approach the topic with compassion and open mindedness, it would be a utopian situation, but that just isn't happening any time soon. It also wouldn't be nearly as funny.

I'm happy you liked the animation and that you found at least some of the jokes funny.

Blown away

i just saw by far the best visual depictions of a nuclear blast and fallout by any amateur flash animator ever. very visually addicting. for the very little the story has for plot it is more than made up for by the actions in the scenes which just leave you guessing whats going to happen next. awesome job.


This almost a perfect spoof of all popular Japanese anime. Egoraptor you have done it again.

I write music that will make you cry and wish you were me and wish for world peace and turn you gay... yeah. It's that good.

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