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do you realize how stupid you look. haha. you acually think that kid is me? look at his sign on date an the date i signed on to new grounds. theres more than a year's difference. if i think your shit sucks and i want to write a review... i wont be affraid to do it to your face. at least i know now why you were a douche in the message you sent me. its sad.

you should try to finger pick the background melody in a descending order. could give it more of a ominous feel. too short though i was expecting it to go somewhere else when it ended. write more of it.

Moon-Shadow responds:

If I wanted it to be ominus then it would be. I wanted it to sound like this.
It was just an idea at this point so that is why it was short.
And about the other profile, I still have my doubts. It has been on this site long enough to have more than one favorite artist. Plus the fact that after i reviewed your song and a day or two later I get some dude downing all my stuff.
My stuff doesn't get many views so I doubt some random guy just happened to stumble onto my songs and absolutely hate them for no good reason.

need bettering mastering

the high range in hurting my ears in a bad way. bring the treble down.... alot... it almost sounds like static. i almost cant tell what the progression is if it weren't for the bass. bring the middle up too itll fix that god awful crash symbol feed back. other than that the song is pretty bad. singer can't sing. there's a crazy flanger thing going on with the guitar. the lyrics are typical for a under ground punk band. keep trying.

saxking5 responds:

as for the flanger we know its there. it came off an amp that doesnt have the ability to make a flanger. have no clue where it came from. As for the drums they couldnt possible be ringing since this is not a really drum set its electronic. and i get that the mixing sucks cause this was honestly the first thing i ever recorded and it was almost like 2 years ago. but really thanks for saying we suck

SK8ninja is a fucktard

no he is not one of those guys who knows what punk is... he's a fourteen year old brain-dead douche bag cunt face. he doesn't even have hair on his balls. he's too young to even know where the punk root came from. that's not to say that that root didn't sprout up and turn into a tree with a shit load of branches on it. feel good that you contributed music to this shit hole we call planet earth. maybe someone will listen to this today and decide not to kill themselves... or strengthen the urge to do so. either way you changed someone's life right?

hpanic responds:

oh so you're one of those guys who judge people because of their age...haha
but thx. i'm glad you liked the song. btw your music pretty good

ingor idiots

this most deff a style of punk. anyone who tells you it isnt is only strengthening that fact that it is. stay strong brothas.

ummmm ok...

is it just me or did the intro sound like a rip from the theme to the people's court or judge judy. otherwise the song was ok. i really think nofx and the offspring pulled off yell singing the best. it's just my opinion but i think you should try really singing and see how that goes. the bassist and drummer are pretty sick although i thought the bassist went to far with the licks at some points to where, for me, it took away from the song. not when he's soloing but where he's just adding stuff almost where it doesn't fit. not to sure what the song about but its fun to listen to so i give it a 6

SwashieB responds:

people's court? hahaha! i get it.

I write music that will make you cry and wish you were me and wish for world peace and turn you gay... yeah. It's that good.

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