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New song!

2014-08-01 17:09:57 by aLMiGHTyBuDDaH

Hey folks, I posted a new song. I spent a whole day plus 3 hours straight writing and recording this baby. give it a listen, like and comment. or hate it and curse my name forever.


2013-02-06 13:39:45 by aLMiGHTyBuDDaH

So there's a new song up folks. This one is acoustic like my last one. I hope you guys like it! more coming soon!

Dear Fans

2012-12-24 17:44:52 by aLMiGHTyBuDDaH

Merry Christmas! What ! have for you today is a new song! Don't get too excited. It's just an instrumental but, it is the opening track to an EP I will be releasing later in the new year! Enjoy this "gift" and of corse rate, review, and vote!

New song!

2012-01-03 03:29:24 by aLMiGHTyBuDDaH

It's been a while! lots of writing and lots of time went into this one. more is coming with the next few weeks. thanks to all of you who have subscribed! New song

New Song

2009-10-06 22:35:58 by aLMiGHTyBuDDaH

Definitely way more chill than my others but it's good. Check it out and let me know what you guys think!